Experts of the community


Experts of the community

To support the community and assist its members, a team of experienced professionals in the field of personal development is formed.

Their mission – is to help people to organize an effective process of personal development and successfully achieve all the set goals.

Experts of the community are:

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What can the experts do

Experts advise other members on the topic of personal development by responding to their questions in the section "Questions-Answers".

The stories of personal development of experts are published without moderation.

In their blogs, experts can add links to other sites without them being blocked.

Experts have access to additional functional services.

How to become an expert

An expert may be any member who has received the following awards:
- Theorist - Expert
- Practitioner - Expert
- Blogger - Experienced
- Profile - Expert

After receiving these awards, write an email with a link to your personal page on the site

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