Methods for personal development

Методы личного развития

What can be done to maximize the effectiveness of development? A variety of methods, as a person can be engaged in the development of certain aspects of his life (skills, abilities, career, wealth, etc.)
But how do you find the best methods to achieve the purpose of his life.

Suggest using the following methods:

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What is the personal development or the meaning of life

Designed for understanding the gist of man, the surrounding world, the process of personal development and meaning of life

Definition of talent

Describes what talent is, why it is needed, how to determine it and what the consequences would be

Definition of destination

Helps in definition of personal destination of a person, describes why you need to know it, how to realize it and what kind of consequences would there be.


Designed for the understanding of confidence, what it is needed for, how it is expressed and its relation with success. Describes how to become self-confident

Problems solving

Intended for understanding the problems and skill acquisition to solve them

Achieving success

Intended for understanding of success and the acquisition of skills to achieve their goals.Answers the question: What is necessary for success?

Development of personal resources

Describes the basic resources for performing affairs, solving problems and achieving goals along with the methods of their development and restoration

Using the law of attraction

Intended for studying the law of attraction, the terms and conditions of its work and the acquisition of skills used every day to achieve success

Training self-discipline

Intended for skill acquisition is guaranteed to bring the affair to the end, regardless of emotional state, abilities, and external factors. Gives an answer on the question: How to pass the path to success?

Generation of useful ideas

This is designed for understanding the process of generation of ideas and acquisition of skills required for the generation of useful ideas

Materialization of ideas. Mental maps

Designed to free up memory from ideas by transferring them to external storage media; this eliminates the sense of "forgotten ideas" and helps generate new ideas using the techniques of mental maps

Creative activity and creativity

Designed to understand the essence of creative activity, how and why it is needed to be done, describes the stages of the creative process, creative capabilities, problems and consequences of creativity

Improving personal efficiency

Explains the essence of personal efficiency and describes the methods and benefits of its improvement

Organization of personal goals and affairs

It is meant for increasing personal success and effectiveness in achieving goals by using a single and reliable organization system of goals and affairs, thus avoiding the anxiety caused by 'piles' of pending affairs

Prioritization of personal goals and affairs

It’s designed for the acquisition of skills to prioritize personal goals and affairs. It helps answer the question: What are the goals and affairs helping you to become successful?

Managing personal time

Intended for definition "sinks" of personal time of human and their removal

Classification of personal affairs

Intended for organizations of affairs of man , when them many

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